The ICI Global Steering Committee

ICI Global Steering Committee, Project Management Unit, and the Indigenous Peoples Advisory Group met in August 2023 in Tofino, Canada ahead of the GEF Assembly. Credit: Ben Grayzel

The Global Steering Committee (GSC) is the expression of IP and LC leadership of the initiative. It coordinates ICI work at the global level and works with the PMU to ensure that deliverables meet project requirements while ensuring that Indigenous leadership and values are upheld. 

The GSC is composed of one IP representative from each of the ICI initiatives, serving for a period of 2 years. The GSC plays a pivotal role in the decision-making processes of ICI. At the heart of this essential function are two co-chairs. The co-chairs are instrumental in ensuring the smooth facilitation of meetings and promoting an environment conducive to consensus decision-making. 

Prescilia Monireh (ANAPAC-DRC) served as Interim co-chair alongside Tunga Rai (NEFIN-Nepal) during the 1st Global Steering Committee Meeting in Tofino, Canada in August 2023. Credit: Sofia Troya

Global Steering Committee Members

Argentina (Futa Mawiza)
Jorge Nahuel

Chile (Futa Mawiza)
Beatriz (Bea) Llanca, GSC Co-Chair

Cook Island (House of Ariki) 
Tupuna (Puna) Rakanui

Democratic Republic of Congo (ANAPAC)
Joseph Itongwa

Fiji (House of Lau)
Roko Sau

Panama and Guatemala (Sotz’il)
Graciela Coy

Kenya (IMPACT)
Male Ole Jaunga

Nepal (NEFIN)
Tunga Rai, GSC Co-Chair

Alfredo Vargas Pio 

Thailand (IPF)
Kittisak Rattanakrajangsri

Tanzania (UCRT)
Paine Makko

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